Personal information

Reza Abbas Asadi  

Photographic engineer, graphic designer and filmmaker 




15 Apr 2018 – 15 Jul 2019        Computer technician, Citizen door, municipality, Bressanone (Italy)

05 May 2013 – 15 Jun 2015     Managing director and owner, photograph and film director, Photo studio Prihsna,                                                            Bressanone (Italy)

23 Feb 2011 – 01 May 2013     Photograph and film director, Filmmaker and freelance                                                                         photographer, Bressanone (Italy)     

10 Nov 2010 – 22 Feb 2013     Editor and TV Cameraman, TV Persia One GmbH, Ratingen (Germany)

22 Jun 2002 – 10 Oct 2008   The writer and the director of social economic programs, Channel Two of I.R.I.B, Tehran.                                                        Iran

28 May 2001 – 19 Jun 2001     In charge of the collection of photographic material on the coast of the Caspian Sea in                                                     cooperationUnited Nations Development Program, Tehran (Iran)

01 Mar 1995–10 Oct 2008        Officer Educational Technology Section Environmental Education Bureau, Department                                                    of environment of IRAN, Tehran- Iran

01 Jul 2006–18 Nov 2008        Director, owner learn and managing director of the Institute of Art and Culture, AMOL                                                         (Iran)




10 Sep 1987  –   2 Jun 1992                Technical expert in photography,  University studies (Bachelor),  

                                                           Art University Complex, Faculty of Fine Arts, Vali e Asr AV, Tehran (Iran)


30 Jun 2004 –   29 Oct 2004           Digital film edit  Post-secondary education (Vocational training)

                                                          free School of art of Iranian directors, Tehran (Iran)


24 Apr 2004  –  7 May 2004            Movie editing software, (Pinnacle Edition 5.5)  Diploma of "Movie editor                                                                software" Upper School of Informatics , Nezam Co., Tehran (Iran)


24 Apr 2003  –   5 May 2003           Diploma  “Software Photoshop Computer Science School, DP IRAN Co.,                                                                 Tehran ( Iran)

Technical and IT knowledge:

    Diploma software Adobe Photoshop CS

Diploma movie editor software Adobe Premiere pro CS

Mastery software Adobe light room CS

Mastery software ACDSee photo manager

Mastery software Microsoft office (word. Power Point )

Mastery software Photo editor Portrait studio Professional 11

Mastery software Corel paint shop pro photo

Mastery software Digital photo professional canon

Mastery software Abrosoft fanta Morph

Mastery software Ulead COOL 3D production studio

Mastery software Canon EOS utility

And many other programs

Ulteriori informazioni:

Vincitore del primo premio nella mostra fotografica di “ Natura in Iran"  nel 1994.

Vincitore del secondo premio nella mostra fotografica sui Veterani di “ Guerra e disabili", nel 1995.

Premio per il migliore allievo del College di Fine Arti, 1992.

Candidato con 2 film al “ First International Green Film festival” di Teheran.

Candidato con 2 film al “ Second International Green Film festival ” di Teheran.

Candidato con 3 film al “ Third International Green Film festival ” di Teheran.

Premiato alla Prima Conferenza sui Diritti e sulla Ambiente a Teheran nel 2004.

Quarto Premio e Ringraziamenti al “ National Environmental Award ” a Teheran nel 2004.


   -Winner of First Prize in the photo exhibition of "Nature in Iranian photography", 1994

   -Winner of Second Prize in the photo gallery of "War Disabled and Veterans", 1995

   -Receiving Honorary Reward from College of Fine Arts, 1992



     - I anticipated landgewinn 50x50x50 Art südtirol, Italy, 2019

    - I anticipated landgewinn 50x50x50 Art südtirol, Italy, 2017

  Art Background:

   -The writer and the director of film for Association Casa di solidarietà, 2010

   -The writer and the director of film "Cammina Cammina" for UPAD, ITALY,2012

   -The writer and the director of film "La festa dele anziani" for UPAD, ITALY, 2012

   -The writer and the director of Documentary series "Where is Nature`s Colour?" for Channel Two-I.R.I. B, 2002

   -The writer and the director of Documentary series “From Rio to Johannesburg" for Channel Two-I.R.I. B, 2002-2003  

   -The project manager and the writer of animation for children” Earth is not alone" for Department of the environment IRAN   

   and Channel Two- I.R.I.B, 2003

   -The art director of happy Program TV show Green Living series" Green Living “ for Channel Two-I.R.I.B , 2002

   -The writer and the director of Documentary series "Environmental Alarms” for Channel Two-I.R.I. B, 2004 

  -The project manager of Environmental clip for children for Department of the Environment IRAN and Channel Two-I.R.I. B, 2003


    Other skills:

      Installation technology, script writing,

      Management (video production, television production).

      Photography (medium and large format).

      Photography: Documentary, Fashion, Portrait, Art and object photography, artistic.         

      commercials and industrial. Medium technology, Art (teaching)

      image processing.

      The digital work of images.

      scanner technology.